The Underlying Emotional Reason Women Need a Man to Give Her Gifts

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Who does not like unwrapping gifts and scream with happiness once it is your favorite thing which has been gifted to you. Especially women are quite happier when they are given something as a gift. They like it when people ask them what they would like as a gift. Many men also like to take gifts from their family and friends.

It gives a feeling of generosity when you are giving a gift to someone and it also shows how special that person is for you. Also it is a way to strengthen our bond with someone. At times it is also associated as being a power move when you are giving someone a gift you might want to show that you are more rich then them. But the women gender in particular really likes it when someone gives them a nicely wrapped gift. Yup it is true my friends! So yes let us know why it is that women adore gifts.

10. They Feel Special

Women feel special about the fact that a man is giving them importance by giving gifts to her. She feels that this man is the right one thus he is willing to give her a part of his earnings. Lol

That is true because if a man considers someone important only then he would be willing to gift things to his significant half. Nancy Nicholas the best-selling author also thought the same that if a man is spending on her it means that she is special to him.

9. They Feel Valued

Oh yes women feel very special about the way a man treats her. She wants to be his center of attraction and his number one priority if he loves her. So when a man gives gifts to women she starts assuming that he really respects her and values her therefore is giving her gifts.

8. At Times it is to show off

Believe me or not women can be quite a show off when it comes to showing the gifts her man has given her to her friends. Yes my dear friends women really like to show off and therefore they take pride in the fact that her man has given her a gift. Many of my friends who got engaged had their way of making our group of friends go “Oh show me the ring” and “Wow”.

But trust me sometimes it was just the only way to let them stop moving their hands so much which can get quite irritating seriously!

7. Measure of Man’s Love

Oh yes women can be really complicated at times. The fact that a man gives them gifts shows them that he loves them. This is also important for them to because they measure the love by the amount of money he is spending on them.

Many women think that if he is taking her to expensive restaurants and buying them expensive clothes or accessories he loves them a lot. Somewhere in their mind the thought is nurturing that the cost and frequency of the gifts of her man are an equal to his love, commitment and admiration in her love equation.

But sadly you see such couples breaking up as well. This is because women develop a certain standard that has to be maintained by the man otherwise they start thinking that he has stopped loving her.

Many women think that this is the only way which validates love but that is not the reality actually. Gifts or no gifts if a man truly loves her, he will always want to be with her no matter what.

6. As A Tool to Feel Superior

Women tend to feel proud if they have been given something expensive as a gift. It is a way to feel superior amongst their friends and family that they are truly loved. It is not uncommon for you to listen to your friend’s endless stories about that holiday she took with her boyfriend in France or that diamond ring she got.

Most of the times this also happens because of the insecurities of the past that women feel that only expensive gifts can make them superior amongst their social circle. Women believe that expensive gifts from her love will allow her to impress her friends!

5. Remembering A Special Event

Yes women are very good at remembering each and every important landmark in their relationship. Once they say yes they will want the man to remember the dates as exactly as themselves and reward them all along the steps too.

So yes guys if you are reading this she is expecting to remember the date when you had the first kiss and will be expecting a gift on that date when you see her next time.

4. They Want Acceptance

This is true because women feel that the man who is spending so much on her accepts her as his own hence is spending the money on her. They see gift as a validation stamp on the relationship and think that the man is already thinking about taking things further. As Nancy Nicholas says “As an adult, I craved a man’s adoration, attention, and validation”. It was the measure of the quality of a man’s love by the types of gifts he arranged for her

3. It Makes Romance More Likely to Happen

Receiving gifts from a man also makes a woman a sign that he wants to be romantic. She feels more special if that actually turns out to be the reason and gets really happy at the prospect. It could be the beginning of the intimacy that makes man give out expensive gifts to his lady love. At times men also give gifts in order to know the status as to when they can start being intimate thus they find it as a way to lure the women in to all this.

2. Having A Future With Her

Women believe that if a man is thinking about having her as his wife only then he will spend on her. For Nancy Nicholas this turned out to be true because her third husband really spoilt her before getting married, but only after two years ended up divorcing her. So yes giving expensive gifts does not mean that he is really into you but you both need to understand each other first.

1. It Makes Her Happy

Nothing in this world can make a woman happy like the gift from her significant one can. They feel special happy and some weird kind of pleasure along with a satisfaction of being the queen of his life. But it should also be noted that purely depending on a man for your own happiness is not the solution to the problem.

Having love and all its perks are important for a person but it is not the ultimate form of happiness. You can even give a gift to yourself by being a strong independent women who does not want to depend on anyone for her happiness. You as a woman must learn to value your own self so that others can also value you.

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