Here’s the Thing That Brings You to Tears, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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In today’s world, it’s hard to hide things including that one embarrassing thing you’ve cried about. Women are very emotional people who sometimes cry over the smallest things. But just because we might cry often, it doesn’t mean that we are weak. Sometimes it’s good to talk about these things that made us cry to give us a laugh and help us let loose. Below are some of the dumbest things each sign has cried about.

15. Taurus- Being Ghosted

Taurus’ are all about loyalty so when they are ghosted they feel very emotional. You will start to wonder what you did wrong. As a Taurus, you’ll often cry when someone disappears from your life even if they weren’t the nicest person to you.

14. Gemini- Whenever You Meet Someone You Think Is Better Than You

Geminis are very versatile people and it works out well for them. They’re good at managing their versatility. That is until they meet someone who is more versatile than them. This will bring on some major tears for Geminis.

13. Cancer- When Something Doesn’t Go Your Way

Cancers are concerned with control and perfection. They hate it when something doesn’t go perfectly. So, when something goes wrong, even if it’s the smallest thing, Cancers always cry.

12. Leo- When Someone Doesn’t Like You

Leos are very social people, so when they find that someone doesn’t like them it’s a big deal. No matter who the person is to them, if they don’t like you, Leos will cry.

11. Virgo- When Someone Insults Your Appearance

Virgos are also concerned with perfection and material things. So, when they have something material that they worked so hard to get, and they show it off, and someone doesn’t like it they get really upset and cry.

10. Libra- When He Thinks You’re Invisible

Libras are really good at flirting and that is something they take a lot of pride in. Libras are sensitive when it comes to their flirting skills so when they go unnoticed they become really upset and cry. You have to realize that you’re still an amazing person.

9. Scorpio- When Your Friends Are Trying to Box You Out

Scorpios are very loyal people and they don’t give other people reasons to doubt them. They hate to see their friends keeping secrets from then and when that happens they become really upset and cry. You have to accept the fact that not everyone values loyalty as much as you do.

8. Sagittarius- When Someone Calls You Immature

Sagittarius’ know that they are immature, but they still hate it when others call them it. This makes them so emotional that they cry about it. At least they are calling you something that you, yourself know you are.

7. Capricorn- When Someone Doesn’t Get You the Gift You Asked For

Capricorns are good people but they are also materialistic and all about getting gifts. It works though because Capricorns are big gift givers as well. Sometimes though when they get a gift that they don’t like, they don’t know what else to do but cry.

6. Aquarius- When Someone Insults Your Hard Work

Aquarians are people who work really hard to get other people to notice and appreciate their work. So, whenever someone tells an Aquarian that they aren’t pleased by their work, it hurts them and they end up crying.

5. Pisces Every Time Someone Intentionally Tricks You

Pisces’ are all about honesty and loyalty so when they are tricked by someone they know they hate it. Especially when they find out it was done intentionally, it drives them to tears.

4. Aries- Every Single TV Series That Ended

Aries are people who are highly sensitive and they need closure before letting something go, but that doesn’t always happen. For example, when a TV series ends this makes an Aries very emotional and they will cry. Signs we just can’t blame

3. Cancer- Anything and Everything That Goes Wrong

We understand where Cancers are coming from when they get upset because something that they did not expect happened. Sometimes you just have to realize which situations are actually worth crying over.

2. Sagittarius- Whenever Someone Calls You Immature

We understand that being called immature sucks but it’s not something worth crying over. We all get called names, and sometimes it’s true and other times it’s not. Just try to handle it as maturely as possible.

1. Pisces- Every Time Someone Intentionally Tricks You

Everyone hates being tricked, but instead of getting upset over it, try to cut ties with that person so you are not upset and crying in the long run.

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